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Introduction of the Department of Religious Culture and
Organization Management
, Aletheia University

With an aim of enlightening the local community to cherish its religious cultures, this dept. equips students with the ability in religious academics and management, and through a exquisite curriculum design of both theoretical and practical aspects, cultivates talents in research as well as administration related to religious field.

Dated back to May, 1994, a preparatory office was formed for the establishment of the department of Religious Studies, In July, 1996 it then received approval for undergraduate enrollment and succeeded in opening its master program soon on Jan. 1, 2000. The dept. name was afterward changed to "Religious Cultures and Management of Organizations” in Aug. 2008.


Our dept. teaching objectives are as follows:

1. To understand the primary knowledge of Taiwan's five major religions,
2. To cultivate insights and judgmental abilities as to the socio-religious

    phenomenon, and to stimulate students’ potential in other disciplines for
    a diversified.

3. Through various professional courses in this dept., to train students with
 professional skills and development.
4. Through school activities and curricula, to achieve a positive attitude
    toward life as well as affairs in humanities and social care.

Upon completion of study, our department graduates will be able to achieve the following five core competencies:


1. To acquire a primary understanding in religions,
2. To investigate and analyze religious phenomenon.
3. To integrate knowledge and express self ideas.
4. To perform creative thinking and utilize information
5. To care for the community and put ideas to practice.


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