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Tsai, Wei-Ming  蔡維民 老師 

Vice-President, Aletheia University

Education Background

Post-graduate: Fu-Jen University in Taiwan (1996) Ph.D

Graduate: Taiwan Theological College and

                 Seminary (2006) M.Div.

Bachelor: Fu-Jen University in Taiwan (1990) B.S.


Chaplain of Aletheia University2009-present

Professor of Department of Religious Culture & Structure Management,

Aletheia University2009-present

Chairman in Department of Religious Culture & Structure Management,

Aletheia University 2009-present

Fields of Teaching and Research

Religion Sociology

Christianity Study

Studies of Comparative Religion

Religion Philosophy


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Chen, Chi-Rong 陳志榮 老師                     

Education Background

Prof. Chen earned his Ph.d in Religious Studies in 1993 from Institute of Religious Studies, University of Heidelberg, Germany. His topic of doctoral thesis is: Wu Yao-Tsung, Ein Theologe in Sozialistischen China. His doctoral orals include:

1. Christianity and local culture (Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, for example)

2. History of Buddhism in China

3. Hermeneutics

4. Christian missionaries in China and Western colonialism

5. Formation of Jewish monotheism

6. Church organization and its social care

Fields of  Teaching and Research

Introduction to Religious Study

Comparative Study of Religion

Study of Religion Ethic

Religion and Food

Selected English Readings on Religious Studies

Investigation of Religious Phenomenon in Taiwan Society

Religion Ethics and Social Issues

The Legacy of G. L. MacKay

Reading of Religion Text in English


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Lin, Chih-Chin 林志欽 老師                                                                   

Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Education Background

Post-graduate: Doctor of Philosophy

Graduate: Master of Philosophy

Bachelor: Bachelor of Philosophy


  Chairman in Department of Religious Culture & Structure Management,

  Aletheia University2012-present

  Chief of Division of University Development,The Office of Research and Development,

  Aletheia University2009-2012

  Researcher of The Office of University Development,

  Aletheia University(2004-2009

  Assistant Professor of Department of Religious Studies,

  Aletheia University(2000-2005)

  Post-doctoral Researcher of Department of Religious Studies,

  Aletheia University(1999-2000)

  Teacher of Graduate Programs of Huayen Buddhist College1995-1996

Fields of  Teaching and Research

BuddhismT’ien-t’ai Buddhism,

Chinese PhilosophyYang-ming school


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Chang,Chia-Lin  張家麟 老師                 

   Education Background

Post-graduate: Sun Yat-sen Institute for Social Science, National Chengchi University .R.O.C.(1995-2000)Ph,D

                  Buddhism(T’ien-t’ai Buddhism)

Graduate: Graduate Institute of Political Science,

                 National Normal University. R.O.C.(1982-1986)

                 M.A Chinese Philosophy(Yang-ming school)

Bachelor: Department of Journalism, National Cheng-chi University. R.O.C.(1975-1979)B.A.


Fields of  Teaching and Research


Social Statistics and Religion Research

The Management of Religion Organization

Seminar on Taiwan folks & Religions's Rituals

Democracy and Human Rights

Sociology of Religion

Religion Communication and Mass Media

Statistic and Social Research

Languages Practice for Religious Field Work


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Wang, Ching-Ling 王鏡玲 老師

Education Background

Post-graduate: PhD Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University 2000

Graduate: M.A. The University of Chicago the Divinity School 1993

                 M.A. Graduate School of Religious Studies, Fu-Jen Catholic University 1991

Bachelor: B.A. Taiwan Theological College and Seminary 1988


Associate Professor of Department of Religious Culture & Organization  Management,

Aletheia University2007-present

Assistant Professor of Department of Religious Studies, Aletheia University (2000-2007)

Fields of teaching

Phenomenology of Religion

Religion and Art

Ritual Theatre in Taiwan

Religion and Gender

Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Symbolism and Taiwanese Culture



  • Phone call :886-2-2621-2121分機2206

Gao, Yi-Ping 高怡萍 老師

Education Background


(Doctor of Anthropology, Tsinghua University)

Fields of teaching

Cultural Anthropology

Religion of Taiwan Aborigines

Anthropology of Religion

Field Survey of Soico-Cultural Resources

Folklore, Myth and Narrative,

Religion Cultural Asset management

Religious Heritage and Creative Industries

Seminar in Anthropology and cultural Study

Seminar in Ethnography and Religious Study

Seminar in Symbolic Anthropology

Tour Guide of  Austronesian Festivals


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  • E-mail:

Chang, Yea-Huey 張雅惠 老師 


Director of Counseling Center

Education Background

National Chengchi University in Taiwan(2005)Ph.D. 


Assistant Professor of Department of Clinical Psychology

(2006-2007), Chang Jung Christian University

Associate Professor of  Center for General Education

(2007- 2008), Aletheia University

Associate Professor of Department of Religious Culture & Structure Management 

(2008- present),

Aletheia University

Director of Counseling Center(2008~), Aletheia University

Fields of  Teaching and Research

Psychology of Religion

Life Education

Helping Professions, Marriage and Family.


  • Phone Call: 886-2-2621-2121#7728
  • E-mail:

Yang,Ming-Jian楊明 堅 老師

Education Background



Hsiao, Chin-Ming  蕭進銘 老師

Chairman, Department of Religious Culture and Organization Management

Education Background

Post-graduate: Ph.D., Si-Chuan University(2000)

Graduate: M.Phil., National Taiwan University(1994)

 Bachelor: B.L., National Taiwan University(1990)

Fields of Teaching

Taoist Rites

Taiwanese Folk-Belief

Introduction to Taoism

Practical Affairs of Religious Administration

Practice of Taoism

History of Taoism

Taoism and its Art to Fit the Life

Research Methods andTechnical Writings

Selective Reading of Taoist Texts

Taoist Astrology

Taiwanese Taoism and Taoist Rituals

Philosophy of Chinese Religion Ethics


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